Kayak For Racing Must Carry Dog

Please help, I am looking for a kayak to buy that is fast, as fast as it can get, but allow for a platform to be placed over the leg area on the bow for my dog. I am trying to find something that is for a 225lbs paddler. This is for the Clinton Canoe Regatta 70 mile endurance race which is flat water & river. Speed is key but yet stability is traded for it, so what would be your ideas on a good middle ground?


So what’s your prior kayaking experience. Doesn’t make much sense recommending a fast boat that you’ll never keep upright.

Bill H.

Sera Glider
… And a space at the nearest kennel


Sea eagle

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Tow dog in raft

Real deal is training dog to carry kayak.

This is useful

Next, dog drives shuttle, guards truck with 9mm

or best can the dog n drive the new 4WD Ford E250GT with Self Drive Option.

Park at the ranger station then call when ready.

Boats that compete in races…

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rarely have beginner stability. The only wrinkle you add is that both you and the dog will be in the water.

Unless you have some prior experience that indicates a basis for pulling this off - but none is indicated.

You really should be considering a canoe. Appears this race is mostly contained by shorelines so a capsize is embarrassing but not fatal and the craft is a much better choice.

70 mile endurance race…
Leave the dog at home.

That would help with speed & stability.


conflicting goals
You have conflicting goals. What you are asking is kind of like saying you want a Formula 1 racing motorcycle but it has to have a sidecar for your dog. Fast means long, slender and somewhat unstable in a boat. Such craft are rarely going to be comfortable for hauling a dog, especially a medium to large one. Putting a platform on a kayak affects it’s performance, too, and even its safety. People who haul dogs usually either use a canoe or they have a “rec” style or sit-on-top kayak with large cockpit area for the pooch. I think you should either be looking at canoes or at getting two kayaks: one for racing and one for outings with the dog.

(PS, don’t be confused by "Datakoll"s responses, just ignore them – he’s a forum eccentric and mostly incomprehensible even to those of us familiar with him.)

(PS, don’t be confused by "Datakoll"s responses, just ignore them – he’s a forum eccentric and mostly incomprehensible even to those of us familiar with him.)

Among all the blather, there are occasionally…very occasionally…pearls of wisdom.

His posts are growing on me! :-0

He’s an old guy toying with us. And sharing occasionally some good coherent ideas

I’ve been thinking of him as an armchair paddler. Always curious sometimes off the wall

Re dawg. Dawgs mess up trim for racing craft. Rec boats not sensitive but racing boats quite swede formed

To test go paddle a Savage River boat. They do well in the Clinton

You must have lots of horsepower. I haven’t had a dog yet that would help paddle

10 lb dog or 150

same here
Speaks a unique language but there’s often some valuable grains there.

re warning newcomers about DK

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I'm pretty sure his (DK's) responses mostly confuse and even irritate newcomers to the forums. Defend him if you must, but I myself find it hard to respect someone who is so deliberately opaque or sloppy in communicating with others. Unless he has some forgivable cognitive issues, such behavior strikes me as self-indulgent, arrogant and rude. We shouldn't have to wade through streams of incoherent and often off-topic blather to find the alleged "gems" of wisdom. Honestly, I don't bother.

I think there is far more wisdom in a single one of "canoeswithduckheads" cleverly crafted poetic posts than all of DK's rambling output.

A strange request
In racing, you want all your gear to be as light as possible to get every ounce of speed you can, why would you put the extra weight of a dog in your racing boat? Plus racing boats tend to be tippy, having a dog moving around on it and shifting the balance around sounds really unfun. Sounds like if you are into racing, but also into taking your dog with you on paddles, you need two boats, a stable craft for more leisurely paddles with your pooch, and a racing kayak and a trusted dog sitter when you want to race.

isn’t his name next to his post?

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Yes, it is. There are some datakoll posts I don't bother with after reading a few words. I'm sure people can say the same about my posts.

There are a few others here through whose posts I'd rather not wade. So I don't read them when I see their name. I bet a new poster could figure this out on their own.


no dog on the race

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You are not actually serious about taking a dog along in a kayak for an 8 to 12 hour endurance race? That borders on animal cruelty. What would be the purpose? it would virtually guarantee you would have no shot at placing in a winning position and I can't imagine the dog getting any enjoyment out of it. In fact it could be very stressful or even dangerous for the dog, especially since you are clearly new to this sport.

I even wonder if the race organizers would allow it. Reading the Clinton race guidelines, they are pretty adamant about boat specs, gear standards, crew requirements and safety (for instance they have requirements on paddler hydration and on-board nutrition.)

Incidentally, I notice they have specifications on the type of kayak allowed in the race. Do you have a copy of the entry application with those specs on it? That will limit your choices.

warnings in order
"I bet a new poster could figure this out on their own."

I’ve seen newbies to the forums get thrown off and even upset by DK’s posts so I don’t think it’s immoderate to warn them that he’s an eccentric. His post in this instance was mostly sarcastic and not the least bit useful to the OP. Do you disagree?

Newfoundland dog
Maybe get a Newfoundland dog? In that case you could ditch the kayak and it would pull you ninety miles through the water to the finish…


for you