kayak for Rappahannock and James River

I am a beginning kayaker and want to buy a couple kayaks for use primarily in the middle Rappahannock (between Tappahannock and Saluda, We may also take them to the James River near Richmond or Mattoponi or elsewhere.

I would like something that is suitable for touring/recreation and fishing. I like to fish but have not yet tried Kayak fishing. So am trying to figure out what would be versatile, stable, suitable for fishing and good for a beginner? I appreciate any advice or experience you can share. Thanks.

Assuming you do not mean the whitewater section of the James in Richmond, then those are all fairly wide stretches of river subject to wind waves, etc. Without getting into individual models, you may want to consider something in the 13 - 14 foot range to give yourself some greater efficiency.

If you plan to paddle only in the warmer air and water months, you could consider Sit On Tops as they are generally better for fishing. You can make a sit-in kayak work for fishing, but in my experience it is quite a bit tougher or you end up with a boat that has such a huge cockpit that it may as well be a sit on top.

Pretty stretches of water near you, enjoy…