Kayak for sale ❓

Hey there! My family and I would like to get into kayaking. Being outside and taking a healthy break from screens and absorbing some fresh air sounds amazing to us. Where can we find second hand kayaks? Since we’re just starting out we don’t want to start brand new. Any advice?

Do a Kayaks search on craigslist, and Facebook marketplace. When you find something, you think you might want to buy just ask for advice about the boat and price here.

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Yes, I have a Hobie Mirage Revolution for sale in excellent condition for $1400.

Your budgeting is?
You’re paddling where?
Paddler sizes weight & height?
Kids ages?

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An easy way to get a used kayak is to look at end-of-season sales at kayak rental places if you have any of those near you. They often sell off some of their used kayaks. You’ll get a well-used kayak at more than a bargain price, but save the effort of watching for a better deal on Craig’s List and Facebook Marketplace. It just depends on you priorities.


They are known as " previously scratched".

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