kayak for single or dual paddlers

I’d like to find a tandem kayak that can be adjusted for use by an individual also. NewWave 145 looked like a good candidate, but I’ve been told that it can’t be changed from the tandem configuration. I’m open to suggestions - thanks!

recreational class kayak
The Newwave 145 is a recreational class kayak. There are a few recreational class kayaks that can adjust between 1 and 2 paddlers. Two that comes to mind are the Old Town Loon and the Wilderness Systems Pamlico series.

WS Pamlico 135T
I think that the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T and 145T can be converted pretty easily between tandem and solo. Might be worth checking out.

Hobie Oddysey can be paddled solo
The detachable seats can be moved to a center position, it paddles fairly well solo. I owned one of these for a number of years. It’s a fairly fast paddler compared to other SOT tandem boats. It’s heavy so if you are alone it’s a bit of beast to lift up on a high SUV etc, it can be done but you have to learn how.


Point 65 modulars
Point 65 makes modular kayaks (think “Legos”) which can be put together as single or double. One advantage is that the components are lighter and easier to haul than a regular tandem. Here is one such model (they have others.)


For traveling, PakBoat makes several models of collapsible skin-on-frame folding kayaks that can be set up as singles or tandems, including the Puffin Saranac and the XT-16. They are half the weight of a plastic molded boat and can be taken apart and packed in a duffel bag for travel or storage.

Necky Manatou 2
Has the ability to adjust seating while out on the water to fine tune the weight distribution, so great for 2 paddlers. OKfor a single paddler. one downside, it is a heavy poly boat. Decent entry level general use kayak.