kayak for surf

Can anyone recomend a good kayak for surf and maybe a little paddling around on the sound side of the beach.

Years ago I used a friend’s Frenzy and it was a blast on the waves. I think it was about 9 or 10 ft. long. Do they still make something similar.

Drop the Hammer!
I haven’t paddled it yet, but these look like too much fun:


Looks perfect for surf and short tour.

If you just want to play in/on waves, and don’t want to roll, a sit-on-top makes a lot of sense. Ocean Kayak is still in business:


another option:


In 9 or 10’? Cobra Strike.
Forget touring aspects–If you had fun on a bargette like a Frenzy, ,then step up to a Cobra Strike. It will give you more surf fun than the Frenzy did with more than enough straight going to piddle about in a sound. 'Course if you’re now Sit-On-Top biased and want to fill a bunch of hatches with crap then look at something else.


I hate these threads
…because I get to see more cool boats I should buy!

Dammit, wish they made a smaller one
Same old story, over and over again. If it were the right size, I’d demo it and be ready to buy in a heartbeat if it were suitable.

Meanwhile, I go between a 6’7" WW kayak and a 17’ sea kayak. Love 'em both but need something “in between” designed for salty paddle-to-play locations.

I thought the P&H Delphin 155RM was king
I have my eye on one just for surf…maybe I could use the excuse that it’s for my daughter to go out on the water with me?

might be coming
About a year after they released the Delphin, they released a smaller version. Maybe they’ll do the same with the Hammer?

Besides, if you’re looking for a small-person kayak that’s good in the surf, how about an Aries 150 or Delphin 150?

Second the Cobra Strike
Good beginner / intermediate surf boat. Good for just paddling around on the coastline. I usually surf waveskis now but keep my Strike around for when I want to explore the coast, surf on really small days, or introduce surfkayaking to visitors. I also own a Frenzy, which we use for guests. Strike is a pretty decent surf craft.

Hunt Johnson’s Wave Witch Or
Any Waveski designs by Mike Johnson who surfs with the legend, Merv Larson.

Infinity Waveskis
You are probably thinking of Infinity Waveskis shaped by Steve Boehne. Mike has certainly had input, but I think the best designs were actually Steve’s. I had a ski made a couple of years ago, a short Mosquito/Stinger hybrid, it’s my favorite ski. Not cheap and I think Steve seems to be mostly doing SUP stuff lately.

Wasn’t there one called the Tako?
Many years ago? Yeah! SUPs have taken over from shore break to open ocean runs now. And it was only a few years ago, at an ACA convention at the Red Lion Inn in Vancouver, WA that Surf Kayaking was officially welcomed under the ACA umbrella.

Mako surf kayaks
MIke Johnson kayaks are named Mako and there are several models now.

He no longer builds them but they are made by PS composites.


Infinity makes the triplane bottom waveskis which were incorporated into Mike’s designs. For a while Infinity made “Mako” wave skis and Mike several years ago made the Phat Mako with Steve. The Dominator I think was a Mike and Steve Collaboration. Mike rides a Dominator now at San Onofre, at least he did a year or so ago when I last talked with him.

In the 80s one of the early surf kayaks was called a “Screaming Taco” it was fast like a Mako, but apparently tended to collapse.

Cobra Revision
I like my Cobra Revision. Made specifically like a long board so it is a surf specific boat, but at 13 feet it is faster than the super short surf boats like the strike and the wave skis.

Second SOT
If you plan to do much surfing in beach break I think a sit-on-top makes a lot of sense. Ocean Kayaks seem to be very popular along the East coast (I have never owned one).

When surfing in shore break if one capsizes it is often too shallow to set up to roll. One can get pretty seriously spanked in a SINK before bailing out. With a sit-on-top you just get out of its way and swim it in to shore, then get back on top.

Compete With The SUPs
I have actually been thinking of picking up one to compete with the SUPs on small, small days (waist high and under).

I love my waveskis on the bigger days but on wave drought, as we have had this whole summer in the northeast, the only folks getting any rides with surf specific rides are the long SUPs. I think the revision should be able to catch those 1-2’ waves as well (and still afford better control than a general displacement type hull SOT/SINK).


Sing- also check out the Kaos
I think the Kaos is great in two foot waves, but it is awful in flat water compared to the Revision.

Plenty Of Kaos
around some of the breaks I frequent. My longboard waveski does way better in the same waves.


Quick trip to Boston …
I’m giving a talk later this month, not much time in town though.

Sounds like a bad summer for surf. Last month or so here has been pretty flat too.

Maybe catch a dinner or beer if you are in the downtown area.

I am headed out to LA this coming Saturday to Wednesday. Tight schedule. So, no attempt at hitting the break. Too bad. Last time there, I was able to get several days down at Dana Point. Some nice set waves there.