Kayak for tall guy

I’m 6’6 200 lbs. I just wanted to know some good recreational kayaks that are good for a guy my height? I am looking to spend between six and eight hundred. I am going to an outfitter next week, I just wanted some info so I’m don’t go in with no idea what to look for.

Just remember :
“try before you buy” !

Jack L

Depends on whether your height
is in your legs or torso.My pant length is 34" (I’m your height)and I have trouble finding one that fits.

I paddle canoes and Sit On Tops.

Perception Captiva

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Bought it several years back only because it gave my size 15 feet room to move. I'm also 6'6' about 225 lbs. Last I knew it was being branded as a Carolina 16.

All arms and legs
I’m all arms and legs.

I’ll Second That…
I’m 6’4" / 200# – so similarly sized – and it’s amazing what I fit into and what I don’t. Kayaks that “should” fit me oftentimes don’t, and vice versa. Height and weight is a very good place to start, but you can’t end there. You have to try in person. Just for reference, my boat is a CLC C17LT, which is made for a very wide variety of sizes. But, I fit wonderfully (I think) into a friend’s Perception Sole’, which was built for the smaller-framed paddler.

Old Town Millenium
The longest boat i have been in (i am 6’2") was an older Old Town Millenium that a friend of mine had, i have the footpegs easily 4 slots back from the end, where most boats i am right up to the end of the rails

Necky Rip

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My husband is 6'5" with a 36" inseam and he fits in a Necky Rip. The foot pedals aren't even all the way back, he had to move them up a little. It's an open cockpit, so he has plenty of room. It's not a long boat (10' 6"), but it's sturdy and it tracks well. Good for a beginner. We got ours for $420 (30% off at EMS.)There are some longer Necky's that are nice, but they are more expensive of course.

For that money …

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... new you are going to only find basic and relatively short mostly beginner boats. If that's what you want all right. You should fit into something like LiquidLogic Tyon (way short for long distance, can be fun on moving water) that for the money will be a nice and not totally boring kayak. Out of production but may still be around in some places - was on sale for about $400 last year when it was being discontinued.

Sorry for the long link ...


I am 6'4" with 36" inseam and mroe importantly size 15 feet and fit in that boat.

Look for something in the 15 foot range though, if you plan on any longer distance paddling at speeds to keep up with others in longer boats (otherwise other criteria will apply more than length/speed).

Keep in mind that if the boat you like otherwise is just short on the foot rails, they can be moved or removed and replaced with a solid foam bulkhead (DIY for about $40) on which to place your feet.

Going used for the same money you can get a "real" kayak though - something like Tempest 170 would be perfect for you (depending on year, you may need to move the seat/footrails a couple of inchese away from each other, simple task) and these can be found for around $800 used...

Some models with rudder may have less foot length than the same model without rudder (e.g. Wilderness Systems' Tsunamy 145 is such an example).