kayak game

3 or 4 weeks ago on the morning Today Show there was a kayak game where you sat in a real kayak suspended sort of like a hammock and paddled down a whitewater river kind of like a Wii game maybe but I can’t find it anywhere. I contacted NBC and was told they get millions of e-mails every day and to go fly a kite. Does anybody know this game/

Pamlico 14 invented it

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Is this it?


sounds lkind of like
the Jackson kayaks paddler machine…hmmm…


kayak game
The video was on a regular 35 inch flat panel TV and the fella was sitting in a real kayak. What you sent was good is it available to the public?

kayak game
It was a real kayak in a video game situation kind of like a Wii.

imagine if everybody played that

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and you were the first guy to discover real water

At least they aren’t making
you build thumb muscles to fake kayak.

It might be interesting for an off season trainer, but it would have to be pretty darn realistic to be useful at all. Probably better than the recent “fitness trainer” guy for learning to kayak. My guess is it’s just a cheesy game.


Kayaking video game
Just incase you haven’t found it yet…


Company that does it: