Kayak games for kids

Does anyone have any good suggestions for games to play with 7-12 year old kids learning to kayak? We are in a pool so space is limited. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated! Thanks

sponge toss, follow the leader ,
line em all up and have the ones on the ends change yaks , then have the others do it

race to the other end with out paddles

all in rescue is always fun fer all ages

Here’s a couple…

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Sharks and fishes - start out with one shark - everyone else is fish. Shark tags the fishes turning them into sharks who can tag other fishes. Last paddler left as a fish wins.

Capture the flag - put a piece of duct tape on the bow of all boats. Everyone tries to remove the tape from other boats, but keep it on their own. Last boat with tape wins

Freeze tag - two teams. Anyone who gets tagged is frozen until a teammate tags them to unfreeze them. Winning team gets the entire opposing team frozen.

All are boat control games best played in a confined area to encourage quick starts, stops and turns. Don't let kids tag with boats (or paddles) or its likely to turn into bumper cars (or worse).