Kayak Garage Storage (Vapor or Ascend)

Hello All!

I’m new to Kayaking and my GF and I are looking to get a couple of kayaks (Vapor 10 or Ascend DS10) and I was wondering what anyone has done or purchased to store these in their garage on a wall? I’ve seen all types of racks and straps but my concern is that the racks aren’t wide enough to hold the kayak on its side. Has anyone run into this issue? I’m looking at getting the Malone J-Docks. Any help is appreciated.

Simple garage storage j hooks
For recreational kayaks such as yours I use simple metal j-hooks from the local big box hardware store, at about $8 each. I use these both at the girlfriends garage, and on my fence. Total cost was less than $20 per craft.

In my own garage I have no free wall space so I store kayaks overhead. If I had wall space I’d use the same thing for my sea kayaks. I can’t build or buy anything cheaper, and since they have foam on the contact surfaces and provide sturdy and secure storage, I can’t justify the extra cost for the myriad of more expensive options that are available.

Can I ask what store you purchased them at and what brand? I’m looking online at Lowe’s and HomeDepot but can’t find anything that might work. The depth of all their hooks doesn’t seem like it would be enough.

Here’s an idea…
put the J hook money into buying some real kayaks

Home Depot
carries an item they call a Heavy Duty Arm Hanger, item # 697316. I built an A-frame rack and these work quite well with the slant of the A-frame for a SOT, our rec boats and sea kayaks. For vertical use on your garage wall, add a retaining strap.

Personally I would
ditch the girlfriend for one with her own airplane. She’ll take you to new heights. You’ll be much better off.

It’s a down economy and I just want to get on the water. :slight_smile:

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane
She actually almost does have her pilots license.

Those sound like the ones I have
and they hold rec boats, white water boats, surf SOT, and sea kayaks on a vertical (wall or fence) mount with no problem. Home Depot is where I found them, in the section with garage wall mounting items. Everything from a Necky Jive, through a Looksha IV has worked fine.

Cheap rec. boats have their place. If they didn’t, why do the manufacturers sell so many more of them than they do the ‘real’ kayaks that so many of us own and paddle?

Plant hangers
They hold my rec boat just fine (old town dirigo - 28" wide and fairly tall (not quite as deep as the vapor)).


Electrical Conduit
I just used electrical conduit pipe and formed it into a large J. Mounted with lag screws to the garage wall and used pipe foam insulation to protect the kayak. You do need the conduit bender tool.


wall storage
I bought a wall storage unit for my kayak last summer and couldn’t be happier with it—under 50 dollars and keeps the boat out of the way, looks great on the wall and is easy to put the boat on and off it-can’t remember the brand but you can buy one at LL Bean or better yet–and cheaper at Amazon

practical, frugal, or “cool”?
Well, your kayaks have rope loops on their bow, probably on their stern, or should have. Hang them. That’s almost surely what the guys talking about cheap hooks were talking about. I’ve seen it done lots of times and places, including shops.

I’ve been bending conduit for over 30 years, and if you really want something like that (big J-hooks w about a 10" radius or more), just go to a electricians shop or a commercial job-site and get an electrician to quick make you a couple for a $20 bill. A bender alone costs more than that, and you’ll kink your first try.

Here’s a Solution
Our local REI Kayak guy told me to get some eye bolts screwed into the studs of my garage wall and use cam straps to hang the kayak on its side. I’m going to give that a whirl first. I’ve already got the straps and I bought the bolts for a $1.47 each at Lowe’s. Each bolt has a rating of 90lbs so that shouldn’t be a problem. If not, I’ll order the Malone’s from Amazon.