Kayak handle broken

While carrying my kayak, the nylon handle on the boat snapped off. How do I replace it? Anyone have any ideas? My kayak is a Victory, 12 foot., Recreational.

Did the nylon break
The bolt holding it, or the plastic around it?

Is is a solid nylon or a nylon web



broken handle

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Well you can always get a new handle from:


Good luck.

Try A Wildy Dealer
Can’t speak for the big box stores but find an independent Wilderness Sytems dealer in your area for the part. Your yak is a “re-badged” Pungo Classic and all parts should be interchangeable.

Is it this one?

If so, it’s easy. Get a piece of 3/4" PVC pipe about 4" long and about a foot of 3/8" nylon rope. Drill a hole in the middle of the pipe just big enough to jam both ends of the rope in. Run the rope though the little hole in the bow, both ends into the pipe, then pull one end out each end of the pipe. Fuss about a little to get the lengths right, tie two knots in the rope, and Bob’s your uncle.


Some would argue…
…that those are not actually carry handles because they might break and damage the boat or worse yet damage your foot.

I was taught to always carry the boat with you hand under the hull to avoid this scenario and the handles are for rescue or boat control if you are in the water while on the water.

you don’t need all those fancy handles. tie a piece of rope through the hole and let her go. that way you only have to trust your knots, not the handle.

and what colour is your boat?


Don’t try Wildy
A friend went through multiple grab handles on her Tempest and finally went to another brand. I on the other hand bought a Tempest made at nearly the same time and am still on the originals.

Most any manufacturer will have them. Go to you nearest full service kayak specialty store and they should be able to help.