Kayak Hatch Attachment

Greetings. I just picked up a Wilderness Systems Sealution XL and it did not have any straps for holding the hatch covers on. On another of our boats I made straps from 1" webbing and buckles to hold the covers on. This boat does not seem to have any point to attach webbing, even though the cover has a groove which looks like it was made to accommodate 1" webbing. As you can see in the photo I have a small line holding the cover in place temporarily but there wasn’t even enough space in the deck loops to run that through, so I have it looped around the deck line. I was looking at “D” rings to add but the boat must originally had some means of holding the covers in place. Thanks!

I think the pad eyes that are on each side are what the strapping attached to, and could be used for a replacement system to make this work.

Here is an image from a Sealotion currently available on CL.


I’m thinking that the deck lines have been replaced in a different configuration than the stock kayak.

The pad eyes are located exactly where the hatch straps should go. The deck lines may not have been threaded through those pad eyes originally, but rather run from whatever attachment is toward the cockpit all the way up to the bow. This would position the deck lines between the pad eyes and the hatch with the hatch straps then passed over the deck lines and buckled.

It’s also possible that the hatch straps weren’t the full width of the grooves. A narrower webbing would more easily fit through the pad eyes and still hold the cover secure. If you notice, the edges of the grooves are faded more than the center.

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Here’s two photos of my Necky to illustrate. I choose to have the deck lines outside the hatch straps so it’s easier to grab them during assiste rescues and such.

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Thank you, this makes sense.

Thanks for the help! Seemed pretty obvious once I saw your photos. I re-did the rescue lines and made new hatch cover straps this afternoon.


Well done!