kayak hatch putty

I have a leaky front hatch on my Ascend fs128T fishing kayak. I have done the floor reinforcement and am ready to put the hatch back on but can not find the “sticky putty” they used to seal it to the deck originally. Does anyone know what this is and where to get it? Its like plumbers thumb gum but a heck of a lot more tacky.


If you have it in your area…
Try West Marine.

removed hatch assembly?
Just to be clear, you removed the entire hatch assembly (not just taken the hatch cover off)? Looking a pictures, the hatch assembled is attached with a set of screws and bolts. If so, you would use Something like Lexell to be a sealant. Boating supply stores and hardware stores both usually have it.


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this stuff ?


the quick set comes in removable and semi removable.

Like Loctites, red is removable but not on the headbolts. 3M not removable 'means' the stuff needs be 'worked off' with a scraper and sand paper.

I've used both quicksets gluing Velcro to hull. Both velcros are dependable. Its , like locktite, a matter of surface area. Very low surface areas holding priceless equipment require permanent (which is not) but large surface areas glued maintain integrity with removeable.

Also glue feed thru nylon fittings to Pelican boxes.

I do not see slow sets advantage over quick set. If someone knows maybe they could explain that.

Inre assembly
Yes I pulled the complete assy. 10 screws held it down and the putty was peeled up from the deck. I don’t want to reuse it if possible.

Home Depot
HD, here on the Gulf Coast, sells 3M marine adhesives.