Kayak help?

Hey everyone,

I need help finding a good, light-weight kayak for long distance journeys (hence the reason why I need it to be light). If everyone has any suggestions, please help me.

P.S: I have one in mind that a friend recommended but I don’t know what it’s called or where to buy it. I have a picture of it and if you put your e-mail, I can send it to you but you don’t have to.


Are you planning on carrying the boat

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on these long journeys?Light weight is important loading and unloading, not in the water.
Have you gone to the p.net buyer's guide and put in your requirements, like how much you are willing to spend?
You have hundres of choices depending on where and what conditions you will encounter.

Go down to Florida Bay Outfitters
on Key Largo and see Frank.

He has a bunch of different models, and you can try one out right there.