Kayak HELP???

Im looking for my first kayak for slow rivers , exploring swamps and kayak camping . The Wilderness System Pungo 120 is within my budget . What do yall think about this boat .

Very good boat if you aren’t too heavy.
I weigh 240 and it bogs down if I paddle hard.

I use Necky Lookshas
For what you described. I have 3 Looksha 14’s for myself, my wife and my oldest daughter. So far they have been great.

New or used price budget?
The Pungo line has a lot of ways for water to get at stuff with the huge cockpit. If you aren’t already looking this way, go used to get a boat with more dedicated storage for kayak camping. Something with two bulkheaded areas would be easier to pack.

Excellent boat…but
for camping, either go with the 14 footer or as celia said, something with two hatches. I have a Tsunami125 that is very stable for beginners and hauls a lot of stuff. Made for big folks, it you are among them.

Don’t know where you are, or…
…your size/weight, etc., but just a quick look in the p.net classified ads brought up these boats within/near your price range (look on your local craigslist ads as well). There’s a good chance that most of these easily represent “more boat for the money” than the Pungo 120 (new), though I haven’t paddled any of these, so I can’t absolutely vouch for them either:

(CA) Necky Elaho H V with rudder. 17.5 feet long, Red in Color $750.00 – Submitted by: WillyD

(CT) Wilderness Systems Tempest 165, plastic, 16’6" x 21.5", 57 lbs, mango, very good condition, with deck-mounted compass, $900. Sea Kayaker magazine Reader’s Choice “Best Day/weekend touring kayak”, 2008.

(WI) Need a sweet single that can energize your desire for on-water exploration? Check out our red Necky Elaho HV plastic sea kayak with day hatch. Paddle it home today. $ 880. Located in Beautiful Bayfield. E-mail for photos.

(MI) Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 Red. Has been used as a demo. Great all around kayak. Length 14’ and Width 24". Located in Wyandotte, Michigan. Price $660.

(MI) Current Designs Squamish for $749.99. This is a 2007 and is Lime Green. It is in great shape, has only been in the water for the past season. The Squamish is 15’8" and is one of the best small touring kayaks.

(IN) Current Designs Kestrel 140 roto, yellow used $500 comes with life vest s/m and paddles. A rec boat with a shallow v hull and two sealed hatches.

(VA) Prijon Touryak: Like New, Mango, Includes New Seals Neo Cockpit Cover, $975, Firm.