Kayak help

Currently I’m considering the following kayaks perception expression 15, Liquid Logic Inuit 14.5, Dagger Alchemy 14L and Elie Striat 14ex.

I’ve demoed all but the liquid logic Inuit but on different occasions so I was not able to compare them back to back. The demo environment were calm inland lakes.

Mainly I will be using the kayak on inland lakes, rivers, sheltered bays/coasts. I’m 6’ 225lbs.

Can anyone comment on how any of the kayaks above in fast moving water? Some of the kayaks vary in weight and I was wonder how that would affect in water performance.

Thanks in advance.


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All else being equal -- which is rarely the case -- a lighter boat will feel more responsive than a heavier boat.

For moving water, I think it's more important that the boat be easy to turn, and the the ends are not "sticky". It should be comfortable and maneuverable on edge. You will have to edge and lean in moving water.

I think the Alchemy would be a fine choice for the conditions you mentioned. I haven't tried the other boats on your list.

Neptune’s Rangers
About half of the Neptune’s Rangers use Alchemy 14.0Ls. Videos showing them in moving water at: http://www.youtube.com/user/NeptunesRangers?feature=mhee#p/u/0/ripdh5Q71E4