Kayak holder

After an hour of paddling I want to sit back have a drink & relax for a few.

Good idea bur where can I store my paddle with out getting in the way?

Are there any paddle holders that I can buy or make?


Robert G

If you put the blade of one end…
of the paddle under your safety line on one side of the bow, the paddle should stay pretty secure coming diagonally across the front of your cockpit coaming.

I know it works well with a QCC.



I just let it float as it may on a paddle leash. assuming we’re talking taking a break while on the water.

Easy to make…
If you don’t mind drilling three holes in your yak, and pop rivet a hook into one of them (or a stainless bolt and nut).

Check out your local yak shop and look at some boats that have bungee ‘paddle parks’ on them. Quite easy to do, or the dealer will do it for you if you want.

I’m not sure it has any real advantage over the leash method, but it’s an alternative.


paddle clips
just buy a pair of paddle clips and screw them into the side of your kayak.

Big clip that hangs off of deck rigging or lines and you can clip a Euro blade into. NRS and a vew others have them, or go to a store with good climbing gear and get a big clip.

If no rigging, paddle leash like they have at Campmor from your wrist to the paddle. (and consider getting a boat with rigging if you decide to get antoher)

What Celia said.

Sev eral Options
As all the previous posters have said there are a lot of options out there.

On my Old Town 139 XL I installed a paddle holder simliar to the one Old Town sells on their site only it cost me about $2.00.

In my Boreal I-Boat I just slide it under the foward deck rigging or jam it between the coaming and the forward deck/map bag (if I’m using it).

Tuesday I paddled a couple of the newer Boreal 'yaks and they had purposely put a “vertical dimple” just forward of the coaming to accommodate laying a paddle across the 'yak. Nice touch.

“Any day on the water is a great day”.

a bungee with a larkshed knot
sucuring the shaft and a small whiffle ball at the other end on a loop big enough fo fit your wrist through. Can keep it wrapped aroung the shaft.

Time for a break? put the ball under a bungee cord and break.

want one pre made (campmor) http://tinyurl.com/ye2j8k

Less expensive
I bought one similar to that from Coastal Expeditions in Charleston, SC, for $5.00 plus a few cents postage.