Kayak Identification Request

Can someone ID this kayak?

Might be Tiderace kayak.

'Twas my first guess too but I can’t find a model that matches the deck design.

I was thinking Zegul Arrow Play, but it’s not quite right.

The absence of a compass recess should make this easier than it is.

i am starting to feel better about my inability to recognize this boat…

Looks like it could possibly be a Stellar with the deck cutouts and forward day hatch.

The deck looks to angular - doesn’t it? And the day hatch looks to have some kind of release mechanism.

I’m fairly sure that boat is a Tahe Wind Solo. There were several different deck layout variations of that model, but the most recent looks like your photo. Here is a pic of the boat:

And three months later… I’m glad that was a challenge for others too.
Thank you. I believe that you are correct