Kayak Identification

Hi could anyone help me to determine the value of my 14’ fiberglass kayak with the serial # HPP32P690774.

The boat is considered a slalom racing kayak possibly built by Hyper Craft per the information in your website.

I may want to sell it as I don’t use it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Ray

similar inquiry
There was a similar inquiry on here two years ago that might give you some information direction on the boat you have:


As to value, that is always tricky with older and unusual boats. The short answer is that it is only worth what someone who actually wants such a boat is willing to pay for it. Besides basic market demand (usually low for such things) condition is a huge issue. Without a lot of photos to refer to and more detail on specs (dimensions and weight) it would be difficult for anyone to give you a range, even someone familiar with the model.