Kayak Identification

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Hi paddlers!

I was given an old kayak by a neighbour that said her grand kid left it at her place a few years ago. I do not know how long ago.

It is a 12 3/4', yellow, poly with 2 (missing) hatches.

I want to fix new hatches, and clean it up for the chuck.

Does anyone have any idea what the make and model of this beast is?

Length: 153" (12 3/4')
Beam: 23"
Rear hatch width: 10 3/4"
Rear hatch length: 16
Rear hatch shape: circular ends joined by straight lines
Front hatch length: 12 1/2"
Front hatch shape: egg

Pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/109508208063907926237/UnidentifiedKayak

Let me know if anyone has any ideas on the make/model, or a vendor who can supply parts.

Super Thanks!

I thought you were going to ask us about
the legality of it.

Giving away someone else’s property.

legality of abandoned property

There is nothing illegal about giving away abandoned property where I am in BC. She last spoke to the previous owner more than five years ago.

Why would there be any legal issue?

Check Front and Back #'s

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Any numbers in the plastic on the hull in front/back ?
Most molding companies put "something" on product.
Perhaps around the seat area ?

No numbers
I have gone over it many times, and can find no marks inside or out. Do you think I should take out the seat and look under?

Is it required by law to have marks? What year would that requirement have been started?

Maybe it is 15-20 years old. The poly does not look that old.

my vote …
…judging by the style and shape of the hatches…I’m gonna make a wild guess that it’s a off -brand,not to well known company who made that boat… the hatches, in my mind, look like they are Pelican style or some company like that…I would also guess it’s a lower end boat. I picture the boat being something Dick’s Sporting goods would sell. check the hatch covers on the Pelican link below, that’s the kind of hatches I see that might go with that boat.Nothing like a good mystery to solve !!



Thanks for the link. I always think that if a company does not put their name on something, it is usually not the best :wink:

I am starting to think of just sealing the hatches, and then installing smaller round screw kits.

Does that sound like it would work?

I’m seeing…
…some buckling in the last pic, between the foot pedal bolts, on the side.

Depending on how old this thing is and what is the condition of the hull material, you might be better off just buying a decent second-hand boat then mucking with the current one.

Not saying it’s not worth it, but just consider your options before you start, 10 bucks here, 50 there… It adds up.


There are a few deformations in the hull. No idea where all of that came from. Can those just be heated out?

This is my first kayak, and seems like a good place to start practicing my repair and replacement skills.

I think I might just end up getting it moderately seaworthy and see if I use it. If I do, will get a new boat for myself, and keep this as a run about to go pull crab pots, and let the kids on the beach use whenever they want.

I just want to get it safe so that I am not worried about guests and neighbors using it.

Thanks for your input.

take the s off http in the link and one won’t have to cut and paste to see the pics. Don’t know why that happens but it is a PITA. Most folks don’t notice it when they are posting. Sorry I can’t help with the boat id. Good luck with it!


changed the http URL
Thanks for pointing that out man. Appreciate it.


North West
I’m going to say it’s a North West Kayaks Sportee, they made a plastic version. Does it have a rudder? Some models had rudders, others didn’t.

Here’s the fiberglass version


Apparently this company bought the molds, so they might be able to get you new hatch covers, parts, etc…


i have to agree…
…with Mr. Crouse…those boats from Paluski look like a dead ringer for the one you have , notice the 2 " thingies" just ahead of the cockpit coaming @ the front of the cockpit. Identical! As a 2nd option , you can try to find neoprene covers that might fit , if you cannot find the hard plastic covers.

NW kayak lead
Thanks for the info. I am looking into it, and will let you know.

Thanks again.

I feel like I’m making a “grey thing” joke but…

Those thingies are “paddle parks” some old Mariner kayaks had them too but they were just mounted flush, not sideways on the nice molded bump. You should be able to use the bungie and the cleats to old your paddle in place.

If you search for info on the Sportee you’ll find that it’s supposedly a knock off of the Mariner Coaster.


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You might be able to "heat them out", but it is the state of the material in general I'm thinking about. It the boat sat somewhere in the sun and is brittle... then fixing it is pretty pointless. A certain (and possibly destructive) approach to testing it is to turn a boat over and hit it a few times really hard with your fist or a rubber mallet. If it cracks - well... erm... you understand :( If the boat were ok, it should not crack - of course, think before you hit your boat with a mallet :)

Also inspect the areas around bolts and rivets going though the hull - if there are any spidery cracks, even small ones - the hull is past it's "use before date".

On a personal note, I never believed in starting off with "cheap" equipment. You don't have to get pro-level things, but it is always better to try and get best possible gear for the budget - you'd be amazed what you can get for little cash, some goodwill and a pleasant attitude. Difference between good and bad equipment can mean enjoying yourself in the water and being scared and miserable. I've seen people try really crappy rentals and saying "how you can find this fun?" and then get into my boat, properly dressed and with a paddle that fits them (more or less) and come away with a changed view on kayaking.

Whatever you do, stay safe and have fun :). And since it's your first boat - don't skimp in PFD. Even if you hate kayaking, those three letters might come really handy!