Kayak Identification

Anyone know who the manufacturer and model of this kayak is? The seller didn’t give any information.




Looks like an Aquaterra to me

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Made by Perception. I don't know the model. Did the seller at least list a length?

Question …
…Whats that name behind the cockpit coaming? Can’t really read it in the photo’s.

aquaterra comes to mind , an oldie for sure

An old Perception but it appears to
be in good shape. rented one years ago and it was a good boat but there were many Aquaterra models.

That’s it
I think it’s a Spectrum, as there was one on my local craigslist earlier this week, but no pictures, and now with even less information in the description. Thanks for the help!

Chinook is correct I believe
I couldn’t make it out myself.

I don’t think it is a Chinook
It has a little bit different treatment of the deck rigging and the manufacturers name is in a different location, but its shape looks very much like this Spectrum, does it not?


There was also a Spectrum S. Perception stopped manufacturing kayaks with the Aquaterra badge in 1995.

most likely a spectrum
The two-toned pin stripes give it away as an Aquaterra – I’m a fan of these older boats and have a Scimitar and a Chinook. This doesn’t look like either though it somewhat resembles the Chinook and might just be a newer one than mine. If it’s under $400 I’d say go for it. Nice boats if they were well cared for. Does it have bulkheads? Check that. The older Chinooks did not.

update …
…good detective work all…u can plainly see the name AquaTerra in the photo’s …so a Aquaterra Spectrum gets my vote. I had a tough time originally reading the name on the boat.

I thought “Chinook” was the name of user “seakayaking” when he said it was an Aquaterra. I think it is a Perception-Aquaterra-Spectrum.

Assuming it is a Spectrum
you can get some specs here:


Can I ask

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What would be a fair price for this kayak?
Would it be good for kayaking on a large lake?
And could you day camp out of it?

1. No more than $300

2. Yes if you have a good spray skirt

3. Yes, but you won’t be able to hold much gear in that small compartment

Jack L