Kayak in Cabo Corrientes (south of Puerto Vallarta)?

Hola! I’m going to be living in Cabo Corrientes in the Selva de Tuito–it is called a peninsula but really just looks like a very large knob sticking out into the ocean south of Puerto Vallarta.

The ocean is really dicey there–in most areas it isn’t safe to swim due to rough waves, undertow and rip tides, though there are some protected spots such as the little fishing town of Tehualmixtle.

I’m 60, competent, grew up canoeing (the Allagash), not reckless. and willing to put in considerable time and discipline to make kayaking in the area work if it is a realistic goal. But I have not seen anyone with a real kayak in this area despite having spent months here and having asked around a lot.

Is this because trying to kayak in these waters is just basically a bad idea? Or has it just not come to the area yet? Of course I would like to hear back “it’s basically a good idea if you aren’t reckless and take the time to get proficient enough before venturing in these regions” … adding on “and this is the type of kayak and preparation you might want to think about” would also be great! But if it is a basically bad idea, tell me now! I’ll move on to a different dream.



Not experienced there, but it looks like it would be coastal pacific paddling. Not impossible, but is often exposed to large waves.

Now, when you say real kayak, you mean a touring/sea kayak? In warmer climates, like this probably is, sit on tops kayaks are often the norm. Sea kayaks can get a little too warm with skirts. Skilled people just roll or practice a rescue if they get too warm, but people who aren’t as skilled don’t think of this or know how to do these. A sit on top is a wetter ride by default, which helps cool the paddler off.