Kayak in Greenwich area - where to start

Hi, i’d like to try the Mianus river for a ride but I dont own a kayak. Anyone knows if they rent them or if there are trips I can join to see if I like it? i don’t want to buy one without trying it


Not sure
However if there is, I doubt they’d rent right now. Water’s too cold, and you’d need a drysuit.

There used to be one in Norwalk, but I haven’t been down there in years

Small Boat Shop


Why the Mianus? Ugly river overrun with marinas and condoa. Better the Norwalk Islands.

There is a seasonal rental operation at Calf Pasture beach in Norwalk. Also several meet up groups in that area.

second that
Small Boat Shop is a great outfitter with nice folks – take a drive to see them and they’ll know of resources to get you started.

Kayak in Greenwich area
Rentals in Greenwich area

Small boat Shop in Norwalk or Outdoor Sports Center In Wilton both great outfits.

If you get hooked lots of good meet up groups in the area too.

Stamford Kayaking Meetup Group

Kayaking the Liquid skies -White Plains. I paddle with both groups every weekend

In warm weather.

Right now Mianus river – and the LI sound are too cold wait till water warms up. Demos and trips are going to start in June.