Kayak Indecision in Iraq

Ok now I have put this off long enough. Still not sure how to haul my new kayak on my F150, but that will be resolved.

A few years ago I bought a Seda Swift thinking I would fish from it…bad mistake. Then came along the expensive Hobie Mirage Outback and SUV. I was in love, but that price tag kept me at bay. Besides, I had a Seda and a motor boat too.

Now I find myself with some money to save and a little to spend. After months in this wonderful desert, home is in my sites. In just another five more weeks, assuming no delays, I’ll be home.

Then it will be decision time. Hobie and peddle/paddle or any other and just paddle. Which will it be? I am still not sure.

Level with me dear readers. Do you look at the Hobie and say if only I got that instead? Or do you laugh and say I am glad that thing is not what I sit on?

From the logic stand point it makes sense to peddle for trolling and a lot of other fishing applications too, but if you fish from a kayak you have more experience that me. Please share with me your viewpoint.

Not why your paddle yak is better than the other paddle yak, but why it is better than the Hobie peddle yak.

I personally find that I get into some tight spaces where there are submerged trees and the depth is very minimal, I would worry about the parts underneath me getting hung up. Also what about launching, if you have to drag the kayak or happen to bottom out how well does the equip. below hold up. I prefer paddle over peddle.

Glad to see that home is in sight
But PLEASE, make sure you get home safe before you worry about which kayak to buy, it really isn’t worth it.

That said, I fish from a Loon, I don’t really think the pedal drive will make it any easier than a paddle, just different muscles. Plus you still need to bring a paddle, as the pedal drive needs 12-18 inches of water to work.

Check out these forums, for more opinions,


Hobie Peddle
I fish from a canoe. Have talked to a fellow fisher who uses a Hobie. He loves it.

Only downside was the weight of the Hobie. He hauls his on a trailer and has a portage device to get it to the water.

It ain’t…

My kayak, a Tarpon 140, isn’t “better”. It’s different.

I didn’t consider a pedal drive for one reason: I fish a LOT of very shallow water down here in the Loozyanna marshes.

If I spent more time in deeper water the Hobie’s would have been a very serious consideration.

If at all possible TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

Stay safe!

I’m not into fishing from a kayak, but I saw a DVD of some guys fishing in saltwater from a Hobie, and it just didn’t look like it was a comfortable way to fish.

Not comfortable?
What video? Is it something I might be able to look at too?