Kayak Innovation

Kayak Innovation Survey
This information will not be exposed and is confidential.

What is your age? _______
Gender: M F
How frequently do you kayak?
a. Multiple times a month b. Few times a month c. Every other month d. Rarely
5. How many kayaks do you usually transport on a trip?
1 b. 2 c. 3 d. More than 3
6. Do you experience inconvenience transferring the kayak to and from your destination? Y N
7. Have you ever been injured while transporting or deploying your kayak? Y N
If so describe the nature of your injury.

  1. Would you be willing to purchase a device that helps minimize inconvenience or injury? Y N
  2. How much would you be willing to spend on a product that would solve transfer/travelling issues?

Email results to Cloutdoor.products@gmail.com
We’re high school students developing a product to help kayakers

this looks familiar?

I’m an old grumpy mechanic/engineer/contractor type. So take these comments in a positive way even though they may seem otherwise.

High School…how did you do at outline format class? Your survey question numbering and responses seem a little unorganized.

"inconvenience transferring " your kayak to and from your destination…what are you really talking about. Yes, I had a flat tire. Yes, there was traffic. Yes, my dog ate my map. Yes the kayak straps loosened on the bridge. Yes, the drive through at McDonalds was packed. Yes, I wrote transfer orders and the kayak failed to report to the new duty station. … Or loading and unloading on a vehicle?

Is this kayak Innovation or rack innovation related? is this roof rack related? or are we talking about trailers? or truck beds? or truck “ladder” rack installations. …or kayak carts? Kayaks are moved from storage to water many distances and many transport configurations.

I think your survey is too general and vague.

I’m not as grumpy as Overstreet , but do any of you have any experience with kayaking? Even minimal experience like loading and unloading a 14-17’ boat?
If not, go rent one and try it. Then the answers will make more sense.

To help out.
I’m older than dirt. Gender doesn’t matter as I usually kayak with my wife. She helps load, unload, and carry when she can. When she can’t it’s not a big deal. When she goes with her girlfriends, she seems to manage on her own very well. Instead of rooftopping, she will use the trailer. We kayak often, sometimes weekly, at worst monthly. Typically transport 2 kayaks, have the capability, and sometimes do, transport 5. No, we’ve never been injured while messing with boats. Yes, it’s very inconvenient to have to drive to wonderful paddling locations. I’d spend a bunch on a teleporter, other than that, I’ve got it covered.

I’m 67, female, kayak several times a month in fair weather and have never been injured transporting or paddling any of my kayaks. Naturally it is somewhat inconvenient to haul them but not all that bad. All of my kayaks are 12’ to 18’ long and weigh under 45 pounds. I also know how to safely lift and load them and don’t need any gadgets to “assist” with that. Though having a strong teenager to help lift them onto the roof would be handy.

I injured my truck loading my first kayak. Lost control and whacked a small dent in the side.
I am no longer young either, but often have the pleasure of paddling with younger women who help me load and unload the boats.

Ok…if you want something invent a “latch before driving” flag for the latches on a pop top truck camper. I was inconvenienced when I forgot to latch the front latches and the roof, kayak, flatware, and linens flew off the truck at 55mph, flight speed. No one was hurt but it was annoying and inconvenient.