Kayak insurance?

Four inches of snow plus wind, cold, and more to come this week made me bite the bullet and get my Samba to the local sports complex for the winter. Out of curiosity, I emailed my insurance agent and asked if the three kayaks I have stored there were covered under my homeowner’s policy. He responded he would research it, but his gut reaction was no.

I dug out my policy and the amendments I could find and discovered he was correct. Damage and theft are covered here at home under the personal property coverage, but not off premises. Was happy I had locked the Samba to a girder at the pool, albeit for a different reason. Followed up with an email to my agent listing the serial numbers, descriptions, purchase prices, and a request to add a rider to cover the boats.

Am curious if this is specific to my insurance company or whether any of you have had to add a rider to your own policy to cover your boats. Especially those of you who have half a dozen or more boats.

I just checked on ours
a few months ago.

They are stored in our boat barn which is across the road on our property, but on another tract from our main house and the agent checked and came back with they are not covered and I would need to add a rider if I wanted them covered.

jack L

Separate boat insurance
I have a separate policy for my kayaks from AMICA, who I also use for car and homeowner’s insurance. It cost me ~$100/year to insure three fiberglass boats.

Public storage units
and they are covered under my homeowners’ insurance (USAA).

Now I’m wondering if the coverage includes associated gear, like paddles. Hope so.

my agent
Told me they were covered as personal property if they are on your property.

It varies
If personal property is off-premises my company has a $1000 per item loss limit. That doesn’t go far when replacement value of my Kruger is $7500 nowadays.

I too need to add a rider for my paddling stuff…some companies call it “inland marine” insurance, which covers expensive items when they are off premises.


All of $17
to cover two Eddylines for loss while they are off premises. A $100 deductible. Have to wait for the paperwork to arrive to read the fine print and see what it includes.

I do have a marine rider covering my pontoon boat. That rider claims associated gear is covered, including “oars and paddles.” Hoping paddles will be included in the kayak coverage.