Kayak, kayak, kayak....

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah-bidy blah kayak

Lusting or complaining ??
jack L

It’s what he does.

wrong category
maybe should be in “bicker and banter” along with the sputtering neo-cons?

Easily lost
Some people are easily confused or lost wrong board.

Impressive vocabulary
Should we be seriously worried about the value of a public education, or did he just get all of his reading stuff done via picture books and Crib notes?

Try sticking head in cockpit, instead.

Do you have the music to this?

Well this IS the Advice board
maybe he is looking to buy one of three kayaks and wants to know which one!

(yah I know…better chance of being struck by lightning)

If you’re outfitting using contact cement, too much time with your head in the cockpit can easily lead to an altered mental state.

mjflores, mjflores, mjflores
blah, blah, blah…

No florine in the water,

no flores on the pnet.

How’s that for advice?

I think he wants atention
maybe everyone should email him

Wrong forum.

Come on!
It’s not ALL kayak there is a Tilley thread.

Well said, good sir.
I understood him perfectly.

Maybe just ignore
Maybe instead of even responding we would be better served just ignoring him instead of giving him attention?

Come on MJ, use your words, tell us what

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is bothering you. The "net" in Pnet stands for networking. Is it the Gray Thing or did you paddle with someone named Pamlico 14?

I’ve heard these word before …
… from a soon to be ex.