Any one have these? I’ve been wanting to buy these for a while now, but I’d see if anyone has them and what they think about them.





Don’t ask me…
Ah’s a canooist! :>}


homemade versions
Don’t have that model but made almost an identical rack in the garage of my last house using 1/2" galvanized conduit bent to shape with sections of foam pool noodle slipped over it. Worked just fine and cost about $15 in materials.

What Willowleaf said
Home Cheapo has something they call a “Heavy Duty Arm Hanger” for about $5 each, which is what my boats are sitting on. I shopped some of the commercial rack systems and was stunned by the prices. You’ll find a lot of DIY people here.

Home Depot
I’m using the “Heavy Duty” hangers from Home Depot to hang 4 boats, each 50-65 pounds. I have no concerns at all about the strength. The don’t flex in use.

It’s clear that those kayak keepers are made of heavier material, but I don’t see the need for it. The Home Depot hangers are rated for 50# each, and have been perfect for my purposes.

I’m a big fan of cheap, ready-made solutions.

Great guys. I’m going to pick up some of those Heavy Duty" hangers tomorrow. I assume they should be wide enough for a liquid logic xp 10 size boats? Do you need to use any straps in addition to the hangers to hold the kayaks aginst the wall?



They hold my boats on edge, hull leaning against the wall. No straps needed, even out in the wind where mine hang (on a porch).


worked great

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I now have 3 kayaks on my wall in the garage. Works good. thanks for the info guys.


Nice job.
I envy you that garage and the nifty storage set up. I live on a 1/3 acre hillside (would make a better ski slope than a homesite) that’s too precipitous for a garage or even a driveway. Have to haul all the kayaks down a flight of 6 concrete steps then around the back of house to finagle through the walkout basement door and then winch them up to the ceiling (fortunately 9’ tall).

The guy who bought my previous house with those homemade boat racks now stores ladders and 2 x 4’s on them. I sure do miss that nice big garage. :frowning: