Kayak Kickstand for GPS mount?

I want to install a GPS on the front of my rec boat’s cockpit, but I do not want to drill. I was at the store and saw the (overpriced-looking) Kayak Kickstand which would provide a perfect, shelf-like mounting surface. I have no interest in the Kayak Kickstand other than using it as a mounting shelf.

My question is, is there something else like the Kayak Kickstand that might serve as a better lower-priced GPS mounting shelf? Hate to spend $49 on something that I’m not even going to use as intended.

I have an Emotion Glide and a Garmin 276C that I’d like to install using RAM mounting hardware. I use the GPS primarily for geophotography, but would also enjoy using it as a navigational aid. I’m a flat-water day-paddler and do not use a spray skirt.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

mount gps kayak

There is a ton of stuff.

How about this:


Homemade with stuff from my shop. (FREE !)

If you want details,on how to make one let me know and I’ll describe it.

Have several other different mounts for canoe thwarts too.