Kayak Kickstand from Bending Branches

What is the view on the Kayak Kickstand from Bending Branches Inc? Anybody have any thoughts???


PS- I’ll try anything to keep myself out of the water!!

This about says it all…
Derrick is on target with this post re: the “Kayak Kickstand.”


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"I'll try anything to keep myself out of the water!!

Try not kayaking! It's a wet sport. *L*

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Then don’t get in a boat

That’s not the only option to stay dry.
I love to paddle, but don’t neccessarily want to get wet each time I go out.

There’s no requirement to get wet when paddling. Most people probably don’t. I usually don’t get wet when paddling lakes in either canoe or kayak.

Paddling is done on the water, but the paddler doesn’t have to get wet.

It’s a water sport.

Driving is a road activity, but I don’t
have to touch the road.

Swimming REQUIRES getting wet, paddling doesn’t.

I often paddle right after work on a local lake and don’t change clothes except for shoes, why would I want to get wet with my work clothes on?

When I want to get wet while paddling, I’ll learn to roll or go play on the river. No ocean waves around here to crash over my boat.

You guys & gals crack me up.

Getting wet is not mandatory
But it can happen. I paddle at the moment on a lake. My feet get wet when a launch the kayak & when I finally take it out of the water. My expectation of getting wet after that is due to either splashes or rain.

I do not kayak in the surf or WW, I do not get into the kayak & immediately roll, so why should I expect to get deliberately wet.

Would you make similar comments to a canoeist who paddles just lakes & slow rivers.

quick paddle holder
I saw the ad for the kickstand and thought it would be great as a quick paddle holder when I have the short-term opportunity to photograph loons (or other things). You guys make me feel dumb for thinking of that-on the other hand I am a fair-weather,small pond paddler with an Old Town Dirigo 120 so maybe I’m not alone?

Missing the point…
…the point is, putting your paddle through your bungees on deck is just as good, not to mention safer and cheaper, than this awkward, PITA device.

Whether you INTEND to get wet or not when paddling, the time is going to come when you DO get wet. Like riding a bicycle…eventually you WILL take a fall.

Why make it more difficult to get back into your boat with a device like this to worry about? Take a lesson or take Derrick’s advice and buy Gale instead. (see first post for Derrick’s blog entry link)


Getting Wet
Near as I can tell from the replies, just about everyone who gets into a canoe at least gets their feet wet, or gets splashed a bit. I tend to think of that as not being dry any longer. Perhaps for some people you are still dry with wet feet and paddle splash on your arm.

If getting wet means swimming (not exactly specified in the original post) - the assumption seems to be that if someone stays dry getting in they will be able to fully avoid getting wet. And the person really, really does not want to get from the tone of it. The only way to really really stay dry is to never capsize. IMO, someone who is not prepared to handle a capsize shouldn’t be in a boat - any boat - kayak, canoe, sailboat, motor boat, scull, rowboat.

Agreed on that point
I recall however sitting on a beach on the gulf & watching a paddler launch his kayak. The water was calm as a mill pond but once he reached deep water he performed a roll. My wife asked me why would he do that, all I could think of was either he was hot or he was showing off to the beach. Who knows, who cares.

Can you attach stirrup to the kickstand?

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Sold as a pair - "The Kayak Kick-starter"! Fatasstic!

Showing off?

Dumbest Kayak Product Ever
Since they introduced the Kayak Kickstand, I wouldn’t buy any products that Bending Branches sells. They should be be embarrassed. They should also be ashamed of the obvious attempts to promote the device here with P.Net.

Its like the owner’s son built this thing in wood shop class and the daughter is in charge of marketing.

Should I tell you how I really feel?

Cuz he can.

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From what I can tell, rolling's not a big deal to those who can roll. It's mostly a big deal to those who can't roll.

Yeah, he might have been showing off, but he probably just felt like rolling.

A lot of people do some rolling at the beginning of a trip, regardless of water conditions, just as a matter of routine. It's another way to stretch, warm up, and get acclimated to the boat and water, not to mention keeping the roll tuned up.

Paul S.

Showing off
Maybe, who knows, who cares. I would prefer to stay dry.

The beach was near Crystal River, Florida.

You come from Florida, it wasn’t you was it, if so please accept my humble apologies. But tell me why did you roll so close to the beach.

That maybe so
But then the getting wet is voluntary. The point I was making is that I do not kayak to get wet. I accept however that I may get wet under certain circumstances.

My question…
… was to ask if you really meant “showing off” as in grandstanding, one-upping, etc.

Apparently you did, and consider rolling to be more of a feat than I do. I simply wouldn’t see someone popping off a roll or two as anything special or unusual. Many do some at the start of every paddle. Some at the end too. Some just whenever.

Showing off?