Kayak Kickstand

Has anyone tried the kayak kickstand by (I think) Bending Branches? I thought at my advanced age it would help me get in and out of my kayak easier.

I don’t have any experience with the kickstand, but here is a link for you and other people that are interested.


Dumbest Kayak Product Ever?
Well maybe not the dumbest kayak product ever, but certainly wins the award this year. Here are some simple things to consider before spending $50:

It mounts to your kayak’s coaming making the use of a skirt impossible.

It increases the chances breaking a paddle and or kayak.

The paddle shaft locked across the cockpit opening may restrict entry or exit, especially during a capsize event.

The intent of this product, to allow the use of the paddle as a temporary stabilizer while entering and exiting a kayak, is easily accomplished by bracing the paddle behind your cockpit with your hands and butt.

Bungy is a more practical device to temporaily store a paddle while drifting around.

If these issues are okay with you and you don’t mind spending $50 and drilling holes in your kayak to attach this thing, then this just may the device that gets you, the weak, unskilled, untrained, uncoordinated paddler, away from the safety of shallow water and out into the deep stuff.

Good Luck!

Here’s another discussion on the topic

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this month. Some of it with some silliness. Nothing I'd every join in on, mind you ;-).


Paul S.

The video is really funny…
Then I realized this is a serious product.

Another discussion was removed
There was another discusssion about the kayak kickstand that was removed. Just like this one started by Bucky, it seemed to be an obvious attempt to market this useless device using P-net message boards.

It started almost the same way except it was a woman named ChocGirl. Something like “Hi I’m just a little weakling girly girl who is new to paddling. Has anyone heard of a device that could help me get in and out of my kayak easier?”

I don’t know why every woman paddler here didn’t rip into her except that someone had the posting removed before it became any more embarrassing to the folks at Bending Branches.

I use mine…
…to hang my kayak from a tree and away from the raccoons…

Why Not?
Yes you will not be able to use a skirt with this thing bolted on. I see lot’s of yaks out there without skirts.

Yes many folks can do the same thing with one hand. But I’ll bet there’s plenty who can’t.

Yes you run the risk of breaking your paddle, just like you do any time you put your weight on it.

Some thing nobody has mentioned is that it looks like it will only work on one side of the boat.

It looks pretty simple and convenient to use. I guess if I was not planning to use a skirt and had trouble holding my paddle and combing in one hand I’d try it.


I had the impulse to reply more strongly to chocgirl, but it seemed that there was still a possibility that it was an honest question from a newbie. I’ve been on paddles where women who had undergone knee surgery really did need extra help even in huge cockpit rec boats, as well as younger women who had the curious notion that kayaking (or canoeing) and dry feet were compatible.

That said, this is the third post on this thing in I think slightly under two weeks, each from someone positing that they have some issue getting into their boat without dumping. I would agree that it is pretty likely a marketing scam.

You know, it sounded stupid
at first. Even after reading TommyC1’s open-minded attempt to give it the benefit of the doubt. I mean, I don’t know anyone that has any trouble getting into or out of their kayak, so it seemed like just another silly product. Then I remembered I DO know someone. She has MS and a bad hip, and has trouble even waking to the put in. I have had to help her a few times getting in and out. This product may actually help people like her. Thanks for opening my eyes, Tommy.

Of course, if you are able-bodied with at least the balance of a drunk at 1:00 am on January 1st, don’t waste your money.

“Yes many folks can do the same thing with one hand. But I’ll bet there’s plenty who can’t.”

Why would you be limited to one hand? I use both.

“Yes you run the risk of breaking your paddle, just like you do any time you put your weight on it.”

Why would you put weight on it at all? You said that like it’s a normal/regular part of paddle use.

Yes, it might have use for the handicapped, but better they are not alone and assisted by PEOPLE rather than risking broken gear.

These marketing copy threads from anonymous posters are getting old, and clearly counter productive for Bending Branches.

Put your weight on it
If you brace on the shore you are going to put some if not all of your weight on the paddle.

Yup it’s quicker to let go if you hold it with your hand… right after you hear or feel the snap crackle pop!

Idealy you either use a beefy paddle or put less than your full weight on it, nothing to do with the kickstand thing.

This this certainly isn’t for “technical” paddlers. But I still think it’s not unreasonable for many “casual” paddlers.


when I hear "kayak kickstand"
I think, “Cool!”

But if it’s a kickstand, shouldn’t it be installed on the hull and used for parking? I think this thing is misnamed.

maybe "kayak crutch"
would be more descriptive

waiting for the device
…that churns out a perfect midangle stroke for ya, pushes the little pegs for ya and turns your torso just right, all at the same time


As far as getting in from a shoreline, I put no weight on the paddle. As far as bracing out, part of my upper body weight is levied up for maybe a few seconds. Even if the shore is higher. If someone is worried about breaking a paddle maybe it’s more a technique problem…

IMO these devices are redundant.

from a little newby female paddler who always gets in and out of her kayak by herself : D

The funniest part…
…is that they actually spent the money to patent this thing!

kayak kickstand

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Thanks to all who responded. I guess I will have to make up my own mind. Thanks again

I still say
they should package it with a kayak pink wicker deck basket and a bell.

How about some of those multicolored streamers for your paddle shaft? Maybe a metal flake seat cushion?


he might hear you.