Kayak kit advice, 230lbs paddler


6’, 230 lbs, and I am looking to build my own kayak from a kit.

I have had a look at CLC, pygmy and Shearwater boats but can not make decision, wondering which boat will best suit my size. Hard or soft chines are not an issue and I will paddle for week end trips only (sea, great lakes)

I’m bout’ same.

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6 feet 220. My Chesapeake 17 works very well for me for what its worth. tracks like it's on rails. Excellent in winds and waves. Lean and turns well. Even surfs even though I have not surfed it in two years... Great for camping gear stowage.
Good luck!

I’m 230#
and the Osprey fit me just fine…(6’ 230# size 11s)

A sweet looking boat! How is it for camp-cruising storage capacity?

it’s a simple shape
and FULL,I haven’t packed one but paddled next to a friend on the CA coast. He was around 5’11" and 225lbs. with 24" beam and 13" height there’s a lot of volume worth utilizing in the cockpit and around the bulkheads. Your average 17’ sea kayak has very fine ends without much room for more than a small long nylon drybag so I’d say it’s like your average long boat.

I know you are looking for a kit…but…you might want to visit:


Vaclav designs boats for 200+lb folks (like us)…and his plans for a S & G are fantastic…

I understand that he also plans to sell kits at some point in the future…might want to see when.


OK CLC, Pygmy but what aboutshearwater Merganser kits and why not Roy Folland that is almost a neighbor

CLC and Pygmy make high volume
boats for larger people. Have you talked to them for their recommendations?

Contact Eric Schade
He designed the Merganser and would be better qualified to answer your questions pertaining to his models.

The Merganser kits are made in 16’ x 21", 17’ x 22", 17’ x 23", and 18 x 21" (???if I remember correctly). However, he may be willing to custom modify his designs to suit you. I talked to him about downsizing his smallest Merganser and he was willing to do it at a reasonable cost. I ended up going with the stock kit but this option is worth considering.


The Merganser kit is very good. Comes with everything you need except tools and sandpaper.