Kayak Knee Tube????


Can anyone tell me what the point of a knee tube is??




– Last Updated: Feb-11-05 10:36 AM EST –

mine holds my pump and paddle float or a couple of litre bottles of water--it keeps my decks nice and clear.

you can use it as an alternate point of contact with your knees too--of course, i have an ocean cockpit which makes that a bit easier.

depending on your cockpit, it can make your paddlefloat re-entry a bit more challenging but it's nothing a tiny bit of practice can't resolve.

Also can be helpful wiht knee bracing
since you are keeping the rear of the skirt, with a neo tube you can quickly get in the cockpit, get what you need and seal up again.

almost as nice as a dya hatch and a good way to use extra space if you have any.

gotta have a small coaming
in a regular length keyhole cockpit a “kneetube” is just a closed off space under the foredeck and as far from being useful for bracing your knees/thighs against as the tv remote. Are you reading about it on small coamings or regular keyhole coamings?

In a small coaming where your knees are under the foreward edge of the coaming it’s a place to brace against and put stuff.

right! small ocean cockpits
will have help with knee bracing from a tube. Keyholes wer not. thanks for clearing that up.