Kayak Konsole

Has anyone heard of or has bought a new product called Kayak Konsole?

In my local kayak add it says “Easily attaches to the cockpit rim for even more storage & convenient access to gear.It’s 8” long.

Would it get in the way of a small cockpit I have a QCC 700.

It is also sold at LLBean.

This looks cool
I asked LL Bean (They have the BEST customer service). This was their reply:

The Harmony Kayak Console, item number TA56881, is 18" long by 18" wide, by 4" deep. It is not designed for a specific cockpit size; but will not fit in kayaks with small cockpit openings.

If you have a LL Bean VISA you can always buy and shipping is free both ways if it doesn’t fit.

N O !!!
this is intended for REC style cockpits O N L Y !!!

DO NOT use on a smallish cockpit. there is serious chance of entrapment


I responded seriously to this
but then deleted my post. On rereading the post and looking at the poster’s profile I decided it was completely tongue in cheek.

Harmony designed this? Man - I’m in the wrong line of work. Looks like something houdini might use in an act.

I’d avoid it. Even in the package deal, which consists of:

kayak konsole

kayak kickstand

kayak kupholder

kayak karrier

kayak kover

other kayak krap

you krak me up :wink:

Check out the North Water under deck

My wife has one in her QCC-10 and loves it.

Good friend Grayhawk down in Key Largo put her onto it, and even installed it for her.



console fit…
i have one on my Pamlico, they also come on Pungo boats. you need to be careful , as they do not fit every boat/brand well, due to the curvature of the console and the front curve of the cockpit of a boat…for example,they will not fit my CD Solstice. I have the Harmony brand and it’s a sloppy fit on the Pamlico,( too wide@ the rear of the console) So I bought the WS one, which fit better and matched the cockpit curvatures better. also the WS brand uses rubber well nuts to act as “snubbers” for a better fit. Harmony brand does not have these. good luck

hmm…, upon further investigation
I notice that Freya Hoffmeister is using one while racing around Australia in an Epic kayak.

Maybe she ain’t got no problems of entaglement since she doesn’t wet exit, I guess…


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Had the North Water Under Deck Bag in my 700 for years now - and forget it's not part of the kayak or that they all don't have them...

Console fit
Somebody said the Harmony Konsole had a sloppy fit on their Pamlico, and that they tried a WS console instead and it fit better and had rubber snubbers…

I can only find the Harmony one. ??? Can you point me to a link where there’s the better one please?