kayak launch

I need to launch my kayak over Rip/Rap and recover it over the same. Any suggestions on a portable launching ramp. About a five foot drop, the rocks are too large and rough to launch time after time. The kayak weighs in at about 65lbs.

Looking for creative suggestions.


Exercise mat? You could either lay it over the rocks or roll it up and place it under your boat, and roll it down to the water. Then roll it back up and into the hatch…

Sliding Board?
How about a kid’s sliding board. Just a thought.

A couple of 2" x 4"s about 18 "

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plus or minus apart with cross pieces (stringers) about every two feet to hold them in place.
If the kayak is composite cover the 2 x 4's with some old carpet.
Keep the stringers down so they don't interfer with the kayak sliding up or down
I have seen a lot of jet skis use this method with a winch.
You could just raise and lower yours using a rope or make a home made winch.


Photo link…
this is a pic of a way to load Kayaks on high RV Roofs, just think about how they come down and you have one answer to your question…collapsable ladder and a few guide poles to keep the boat centered…fits in the trunk…


The good thick moving blankets

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are ideal. They are thick, quilted looking and 8' x 8'. I have used them to cover rip rap and then use my tow rope w/ carabiner to pull kayaks over the rip rap because it was too dangerous to carry them. Just make sure you don't step on the blanket cause it's slick. (trust me).
I also use them to cover each kayak when I stuff them into my shuttle F150, which has a tall back window camper shell, to keep them apart from scratching and tearing up the seat backs. I've had 8 kayaks (1-16', 5-14', 1-12' & 1-10') in the back and only used bungee cords to hold them in.
The blankets have come in handy many times; for places to sit, eat, wrap a freezing kayaker in and anything else (use your imagination)
When the blankets get dirty I take the to a laundromat that has the commercial front loading washers.

pool noodles
make inexpensive rollers.

Join two air mattreses. Anchor one end on land.

If at all possible launch from another location. It can be done but it can be hard on you and your boat. I started Kayaking in an area where you had no choice but to launch over rocks that were covered with slick seaweed . I’m just glad all the photos and video’s were lost (How did that happen?). Good luck. Vaughn Fulton