Kayak Lesson in Reno/Tahoe

My wife and I just returned from a three day river kayak class on the Truckee River outside Reno. We have experience with sea kayaks and paddling canoes on up to class III rivers but we’d never been in river kayaks. Kent McCraken (http://www.sierranevadaoutdoors.com/renotahoewhitewater.php) taught the class and was a great instructor. I highly recommend his three day introductory class. Now I just need to find a river to practice what eh taught us near Tucson!


Sounds like a good time
And I think you’re taking the right approach with the 3 day introduction class. As far as “find a river to practice”—you’re surrounded by them, take your pick.

Have fun, it’s a great sport!


Reno Kayak Lessons
It was a great time! However I should have clarified my first post in that I’m looking for rivers in southern Arizona to practice what I learned that have water in them ;=)