Kayak lessons for boys 12 & 13

We are located in Orange County, NY and looking for first time kayak lessons for our boys 12 and 13. We have not purchased kayaks yet because not sure what boats to start with for the boys. Any advise would be great as to lessons and beginner boats.

I paddled with Marshall

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on a local river here in Ct. He impressed me,as not only a real good paddler but also a very competent level headed sort of guy.Sea, flat or whitewater. He owns this place.

Atlantic Kayak Tours
In addition to Marshall’s shop I recommend Atlantic Kayak Tours. I know several of the staff and they work with all ages nearly every weekend leading tours and helping customers to fit boats. They have two locations on the Hudson - Annsville Paddlesports Center, not far from the Bear Mt. Bridge near Peekskill, and Norrie Kayak Center at Norrie Point State Park in Dutchess County.


Kayak Lessons
Your in luck! Check out the website www.kingstonkayakfestival.info - being held this coming weekend June 8,2013. Kenco is the host outfitter they are on on Hurley Mtn. Road in Kingston, NY

A kayak that has served us well for learning and recreational use is the Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 - it is a wider boat with more initial stability. It also works well for kayak fishing and photography. If your concerned with the abscence of a front bulkhead - you can easily use an inflatable bow bag available from most kayak outfitters online.