Kayak Lessons

I live in Central PA and am looking for kayak lessons to help me train for flatwater races. I racing buddy is doing the same. It seems there are plenty of introductory courses, but none that provide 1 on 1 training advice.

Any thoughts?



The ACA Instructor List

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Contact an instructor in your area;
and describe exactly what you want to accomplish


Do you want to learn to use a wing paddle,
and how its stroke differs from traditional?

Do you want a more efficient paddle for forward stroke?

Do want training regimens specific to kayaking?

Are you in the market for an erg ?
Perhaps this helps:

Hi Rich,

Check out Exkursion Outfitters.


I’m an ACA Level III sea kayaking instructor with Exkursion and we run a bunch of kayaking classes in the southwestern PA area.

I’ve done some forward stroke/fitness/racing classes in the past for some local racers and they have told me that they’ve really benefitted. I haven’t scheduled a forward stroke clinic this year, but we can do private lessons tailored to your needs and interests.


Here’s What I’d Do:
1. Go to the USACK website

2. Go to LCKC (Lanier Canoe and Kayak) website

3. Go to kayak@yahoogroups.com

3. Go to surfskiracing.com

4. Go to HCKT (Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Team) website and

arrange for private instruction while on vacation

Eastern PA
Hi Rich,

You are more than welcome to come East and paddle with us. May not be practical to drive on a regular basis, but it may be worth at least one time if you are interested in racing. Pick our brains, try our boats, get some technique feed back. We are a loose collective of racers of all levels. Check out Keystonekayaks.com Lake Nockamixon state park is most central to most of us. I am in 19426. Email me if you are interested. Cliff Roach

Kayak Racing

That sounds like a great idea. A good friend and fellow paddler would likely be interested as well. He just finished the Lock Haven Tri and mentioned how many racing kayaks there were. We both use older model Current Design Solstice’s. What days of the week typically work for you?


Race Now
Don’t wait until you feel you are trained enough to race. What we have found in these type sports (Flatwater Racing, Mountain Bike Racing, Xterra, etc) is they are very beginner friendly. Get out there and do it. You will meet people to train with and you will learn a ton by just being in the community. If you wait until you are trained to the point of being on the podium you will miss half the journey.