Kayak light idea....

I like to night paddle and in a pinch, needed anther white anchor light for a friend. Ended up putting a Coleman LED lantern from Walmart into a plastic Jif peanut butter jar. Before heading out, I sanded the jar with 200 grit w/d to make it diffuse better.

Wow! The thing looks huge and bright out on the water, floats like a cork, and bungees where ever you want it. Instead of a little pinpoint of light, it looks like a big glowing ball, from a distance.

Much more visible that my suction cup lights.

Just thought I’d pass this along.

Sounds cool
Got any pics?

ever try
taking apart the solar powered landscape lights you can buy to put along a sidewalk, etc, and using them?

No battery, and they work pretty good.

I use em for camp lights. Can’t see in the dark at all, so they are kind of necessary

No pics…just a sanded down plastic (make it hazy looking) peanut butter jar. Put any kind of battery powered lantern that will fit inside.

Tried the same thing
but once I got the light down in the peanut butter nice and secure it was pretty useless. I’ll try the sandpaper and see if that helps.

jim :wink:

Do it yourself…
I built three of these…works GREAT!


Instead of a switch, use a baby sock to cover the light when not needed.

Remove the label… nm

peanutbutter and sandpaper…
yeah, the peanut butter can be a problem. Stuff sandpaper around your light so it won’t sink any further. If you do it that way, your light will need to be about 2,000,000 CP to shine through. :slight_smile:

Or, make about 80 sandwiches, wash out the jar, sand the OUTSIDE (or inside, makes no difference), and now you have a waterproof light with the added benefit of being a floatation device for really small people. :wink:

I’ll make 40 sandwiches
so I can also use it as emergency rations. That way if the small people get hungry floating around in the dark, they’ll have something nutritious to eat.


Sounds good !
thanks for sharing and being innovative.