Kayak lights for Trak foldable Kayak

Any ideas for kayak lights for a yellow Trak foldable kayak. I am looking to kayak at night and trying to find something that would work well with a folding kayak. Any ideas on what I could use?

Shave your head
and put a suction cup light on it. Alternatively you could use that on a helmet or get headlamps

Luci Lights

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Amazon carries them as well. They fold flat. Wonderful product.

How much light do you expect to need and for how many hours?

I’ve frequently kayaked on rivers at night in my Feathercraft folders. I use a strong LED headlamp for vision. For safety/visibility I hang multi-lamp LED’s on the bow and stern using cheap LED lozenge flashlights plopped in clear plastic lanyard boxes clipped to the rigging. And I have several little LED “gem” clip lights that can clip onto the front or back of my PFD. These are the boxes and lozenge lights. The boxes can usually be found at places like Dick’s for a few bucks, and everybody sells the stubby little lozenge lights, in fact Harbor Freight Tools often gives them away free with purchase. They take 3 x AAA’s.



If you want to get fancier, you can buy waterproof LED rope lights but they require hauling a 12 volt battery of some kind.

I just got one of these little bright waterproof lights (link below) from REI and will be trying it out this weekend as a marker light on the boat for paddling down to see the fireworks from the river:


Thank you

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This gives me good ideas of what to use and helps me quite a bit. I am going to go for a weekend trip to Lake Powell and camp out on the shore. Other than that I will need it for lakes and rivers. In general I probably will only need something that lasts a few hours but I'd also like something that lasts 8 to 10 hours just in case I ever get lost at night. I want a decent amount of visibility and I want to be seen on the water at night. So safety is the biggest concern. I need power boats and house boats to be able to see me.