Kayak loading problem

I just got a new yak and I’m having problems unloading the yak. I have a Thule rack with saddles up front an hydro-glide saddles in the rear. The problem occurs while unloading. The yak falls off the front saddles . Any suggestions? Perhaps I need to have normal wide saddle on the rear rack. FishHawk

mini rollers
Has anyone tried the mini rollers , I think this might solve my problem? FishHawk

how does it fall?
I don’t know about your particular setup, but does it fall off the back of the front saddles as you pull the kayak back? or does it fall off to the side of the front saddles? if it is off to the side it may just be you need to be a little more careful to pull it straight back.

Dont know what kind of yak it is, but I bailed on all the hardware years ago and simply strap the yak, upside down, onto the bars.

hi …sounds like more a technique problem than a hardware problem ( unless the front saddles are spaced to far apart)…is your vehicle to tall for you to reach high enough easily ? …you need to slide the 'yak back till the bow almost clears the front saddles and then pull down on the stern to lift the bow and slide the "yak rearward. they make something called a "SUV " roller that is T-shaped and fits in the rear door “slot” between door and body …this may help you control unloading better. Scroll about 1/2 down the webpage from the link below for a view of the roller.


It falls of to the side .
It falls off to the side on the front saddles. It’s a narrow yak about 24.5 inches . Kaskazi is the brand , a South African SOT yak. I’ve haven’t had this problem with my Necky Santa Cruz. Perhaps like you say it’s technique. But I might try the mini roller . FishHawk

Keep it straight
You are probably pulling the yak to one side as you come back. Once you get 1/2 the yak on the glides tip it back. Set a piece of carpet on the ground where the stern will land and tie a line for the stern to the vehicle so it cant slip too far back.