Kayak locations in Central Texas

I am planning a trip to San Antonio in a few weeks and wanted to Kayak for a day. What are my options for locations to paddle? I am driving so I can stop in Waco, Austin or San Marcus .I know of the Guadalupe river but isn’t this river for tube floating and not kayaks? Also, any good outfitters to rent a Kayak for the day? Thanks!

Only the Colorado and San Marcos rivers are currently floatable. That can change after some decent rain.

The Colorado is a flatwater river that gives you the feeling to be away from it all. Cook’s Canoes in Webberville or Rising Phoenix in Bastrop will rent and shuttle, but call ahead.

The San Marcos is more interesting but also busier, more dammed up and more populated. You’ll likely have to portage at least one dam. Spencer Canoe and Shady Grove Campground can rent and shuttle, but make sure you get ahold of them ahead of time. TG Canoe & Kayak no longer shuttle, but maybe they still rent.

You may be able to rent a kayak from the Austin or SA REI.

I noticed some access closures, for example San Marcos City Park.

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Thank you for taking time to respond. This is the advice I was looking for.

The San Marcos river is currently closed to toobers, so you can enjoy a nice paddle there. City Park is not open, but you can put in at other places along the river. You can also check out the Guadalupe above Canyon Lake,if they got some rain from Hurricane Hanna. Look up Bigfoot Canoes or Guadalupe Canoe Livery for shuttles and rentals.

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There are some lakes that have good creek arms. Cypress Creek on Lake Travis and Russel Park on Lake Georgetown would be good put-ins; just watch the wind forecast. A pretty good portion of Cypress Creek is a no-wake zone.