Kayak lock Advice Please

I had a sit on top pelican Apex 100 that was recently stolen. I had a small diameter chain running through the scupper holes and someone must of cut it, or perhaps just pulled hard enough- it was a weak system.

I am replacing it with another pelican apex 100 by the end of the week and am trying to decide which lock would be best for fitting through scupper holes and deterring theft.




Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

I’ve been using a Lasso Lock
wrapped around my Eddyline, connected to a heavy chain which is threaded around my dock and secured with a good padlock. Use this setup because I live next door to the public access to my lake. I like the Lasso because of the easy to read combination lock. I keep the padlock key in the pocket of my PFD.

With the SOT, I’d go for a heavy duty SOT Lasso Lock. They’re not inexpensive, but neither is having to replace a stolen kayak.

Bummer about the theft. Hope you reported it to the police.

All three look good

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It looks like the third one is the strongest, but with with no comparison specs, there's no way to be sure. If you think it would have been possible to simply break the chain you were using before, any of these will be a huge improvement.

My personal taste is to avoid pre-coiled cables. They are a royal pain to deal with when the cable needs to be threaded around a few corners, or when you need to make use of much of the available length. For storage, you can spin a straight cable into a compact set of several coils about twice the diameter of those springy pre-coiled loops, and the coils simply lay flat and are not bulky (you just have to be mindful not to twist the cable in the process - not a natural act for some people). It takes far less time and fussing around to do that than it does to make a pre-coiled cable stretch out to a decent length, and to route it around a few objects. That's just how I see it though.

lasso lock length?
The products shown here are only 6’ long. I wonder if that’s enough, of if a lasso lock is longer.

Also agree with what guideboatguy said about pre-coiled cables, PITA.

deterant only
Kayak/canoe locks are a lot like bicycle locks. They act as a deterant for thieves without tools, but are uselsess against a thief with tools

No matter what size chain or cable you have, a disc cutting tool on any hand drill will cut through it within 45 seconds.

So, before you weight yourself down with a heavy chain or cable,think about deterring a thief without tools. No need to overdo it

Lasso longer
The Lasso Lock comes in two quite pliable sections, each with a loop around one end and the locking mechanism at the other end. One loop is attached to the stern, the other to the bow, then around the hull (and any stationary devise like a rack, dock, deck, etc.), and the ends are locked via the combination lock. I have to twist the cables around each other a few times to get a tight fit on my kayak. The SOT model has larger loops on the ends for a better fit.

They’re quick to install and remove.

thanks. that sounds like the ticket then
…and this thread is a reminder to me.

you can make it tough
I am a construction worker, used to cutting many different things, I have found that 1/4" stainless steel cable is tough to cut with a grinder, and nearly impossible to cut with bolt cutters or snips of any kind. I have made loops at both ends using swedge ends much like the ones on most rudder systems, (and found at most big box construction material stores). I use a master brand combination lock that has brass “ears” protecting the lock hasp. The soft brass is tough to cut with a grinder, and nearly impossible to cut with a bolt cutter. I am using about 8’ of cable and I string it through, and around multiple parts on the kayak.

I know that a really determined thief can get my boat, I am just making it take time and effort to get it and hopefully they will look elsewear at an easier target.

In my opinion, any lock system is for short term storage only, if I have any major concerns about theft I locate alternative storage. (a kayak will fit in a motel room)