Kayak Lock

After reading about stolen kayaks on this board, now I am nervous about losing my new Hurricane Santee and I really can’t afford to buy another one. Do those kayak cable/lock things work? If so, how do you go about locking a kayak to anything? -Pat

I use the Kayak Lasso
I don’t have an easily accesable storage location for my kayak, so I store it on top my car for the spring/summer. After a year and a half I still have the kayak.

Unfortunately, realistically, it is only a deterent. With a pair of bolt cutters, or a cordless Dremmel tool the cable could be cut, and bye bye boat.

Kayak Lock
This may or may not work for you I run a Bike cable through the scupper hole on my sit on top wrap it around a tree & put a padlock on it.

Kayak Lasso.

Kayak Lock
One of the things I have considered using while traveling was to fit one of those ‘club’ devices, that you run through the steering whell of the car, across the cockpit and then thread a piece of cable around it and under my Yakima crossbar. The other posters are correct of course these means are only to keep honest people honest. A serious theif will find a way to steal your boat.


Thanks -Pat