Kayak locks to rack

I have to leave my kayak on my rack at a hotel overnight. Is there anyway to lock it to the rack other than a bicycle cable lock?

I use one of those …
plastic coated dog tie out cables. They are thirty feet long which allows you to secure several boats.

They are very cheap in Wally World.

Cut the hard ware off both ends and what is left is a nice loop that is crimped back to itself.

I keep two of them in the vehicle at all times and I have a bunch of padlocks that are keyed the same.

I use them to lock up the mountain bikes when we are camping, and I use them to secure the Yaks and canoes on the roof of my vehicles.



I had the same dilemma
a couple of weeks ago at my first ever race. I stopped by Umiak in Stowe and picked up this cale thing that has this ball on it. I loop the cable around my seat post and then toss the ball end into the car and close the door. If I had a buck for each time I lost a padlock key I would not be begging my wife to buy an Eddyline.

Kayak Lock to Rack
I travel to the FL Keys for the winter from NJ, taking 3-4 easy days to do the drive, staying at motels at night.

I use a Yakima locking cable, put it through the scupper holes of my kayak around the racks. My kayak has probably spent 100+ nights locked on my racks in various parking lots over the years. Never had a problem with anything missing the next morning.

However, I always take my paddles (which are impossible to lock) off the rack and bring them into the room.

However, there is an old saying: “For a person who is not a thief, you do not need a lock, and a lock will not stop a thief.”

Thanks for the advice.
Thanks for the quick responses. This is a great site for newbies like me. I will try the wire cable lock with a keyed lock. What is a scupper hole?

The Club
Use a Club or equivalent steering wheel lock that will fit across your combing. Lock the club on and then chain it/lock it to your rack. With the club across the cockpit, the thief would have to destroy the kayak to get it off thus making it a much less attractive target.

locks to rack
anoyher great idea for transporting…Thanks

That is a tough 'hood!
the club for boats.