Kayak Magazine

Anyone recommend a good Kayaking magazine for some beginners?

Sea Kayaker Magazine
or Paddler.

Canoe and Kayak is also usually worthwhile.

2nd Sea Kayaker

Subscription info at this link.

Haven’t seen any worth reading.

Sea Kayaker is okay
but not as good as it used to be, IMHO.

I think you’d be better off with a good book or two or some dvd’s.

PNet carries some good ones here on this site.

http://www.oceanpaddlermagazine.com/ NM

If you can afford it :wink:

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Ocean Paddler is a beautiful magazine. However, it is a bit more money than I prefer to spend for a magazine subscription...

Ocen Paddler maybe not
aimed to beginners but certainly a stylish publication.

And it mainly talks about SEA kayaks versus flat/fresh water “sea” kayaks.

OP is excellent
It is not a cheap mag to publish, but it’s full of great info. For example Nigel Dennis has a great forward stroke feature coming out soon if not already. Jeff Allen contributes as well as many other great sea paddlers.

I think it’s well worth the cash.

wave length

Got to agree with U
Gol darn it!

Issue #12 with the N.D. Forward Stoke article is at the printers which means we may see it in the USA in the next few months! It also will have a review of the Scorpio.


Looks like issue 2 is on-line:


45 GBP + 24 GBP Shipping and Handling
The cost of a 1 year subscription to Ocean paddler in the USA is 69 pounds. As of tonight’s exchange rate that is $120.82.

It is a very beautiful magazine with wonderful contents. For those for whom $120 is a reasonable price for a one year subscription, it is well worth it.