Kayak motor mounts

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I have an Old Town 160T tandem kayak. This model has lots of open cockpit (like a canoe) so it is possible to mount a small electric trolling motor, but I can't find any manufacturers of a side motor mount that will fit a kayak? The manufacturers of the canoe mounts haven't been able to help. Anybody have any ideas, short of building one myself?

side mount?
Ive never heard of a side mount for a kayak, if you happen to make one you might need a counter weight on the other side or maby a pontoon

trolling motor?
put a Mercury “Big Mac” on that sucker!

kayak motor…

I have a Wilderness Systems tandem with a factory trolling motor. It mounts and steers as a rudder would. I can e-mail pics if it would help. We rarely use it, mostly I paddle it with the grandson in the front seat.


hemi with a jet drive, that would haul some tail!

Trolling Motor

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I would like to see the pics of your kayak setup if it is not too inconvenient.
Thank you.