Kayak movies ....

Any suggestions for good Kayaking or boating Movies ?? so far, i have the Perfect Storm DVD and Master & Commander.

DO they have epic kayaking movies out there ?? besides the "learning how to " series.

If you like good sailing scenes
You might look for a copy of “Wind”. Lousy movie but it has some great sailing in it.

Check out "This is the Sea"
This is a soon to be released kayak movie made at a BCU training and symposium north of San Francisco last fall. I believe you can see a one minute preview at www.cackleTV.com.


Nanook of the North
a very cool movie documenting a Inuit fellow and his family and their lives up North. It’s 1928 or so.

The scene where Nanook, his family and dogs all pile out of a single kayak is really funny. It reminds you of the clowns in the circus and their mini auto they all pile out of!

a definite ‘must see’


It got bad reviews
but for getting the feel for being on the water alot, “Waterworld” is my favorite. The bad guys ride PWC’s. I only saw one kayak in the movie, though.


Outstanding clip!
Thanks for the tip. I gotta have that video!

not exactly a kayak movie
one of my all time favorites is “Islands in the Stream” with george c.scott. it has alot of drinking, fishing & boating and is based on the novel my Hemingway, what more can you ask for?

Great looking video - but no NTSC VHS!
Anyone that want’s it in NTSC VHS (for US VHS players) please request they offer these as well by emailing Justine at: justine@cackletv.com

Yeah, I know, I should have a DVD player by now - but I’d rather spend the $ on paddling gear and videos!

Step into liquid
and in gods hands are two surfing movies wiht good esthetics. Both are well worth seeing, I bought step into liquid. It’s just too good.

Disney type kids movie has kayaking and canoeing in it. White Squall a sailing themed movie was pretty good and Deliverance. Can not put in onna river without hearing Dueling Banjos.

Surf Kayaking Video
The Search 2 by Vince Shay and friends


Brother Bear!
Has a good kayak sequence at the beginning. Great Movie and family oriented.

valhalla trailer
here is a web site that has a few trailers. Once you open the site click on ‘Valhalla’ on the right side, and download the trailer.

You should be able to find more trailers on this film, or order it as a complete version.

Cheers !

Oh, the link is :


order the movies here
here you can order crazy whitewater videos…


Paddle to the Sea
It’s a classic directed by Bill Mason, where a carved, toy canoe travels from the height of land flowing into Lake Superior, following the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway out to Newfoundland… and beyond. It is mesmerizing for young children to watch. It was nominated for an Oscar.


A WW rafting movie
The River Wild with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon is a good whitewater rafting movie. It actually brought more people into the sport because of all the whitewater action.

Alan Alda rafting movie?
I remember watching a whitewater rafting movie with Alan Alda that was kind of a cross between Deliverance (which I watched again last night for the 20th time) and River Wild. Anyone remember the name of this movie?