Kayak multi use river bay touring

I’m finally taking a long trip down the susquehanna and out into the Chesapeake. Will prob not do all at one time but in several stretches this summer due to time constraints. Want a boat good for both water conditions and touring capacity. Not wanting so much an expedition type as want to use it again more recreationally at some point…but do want the speed and tracking that touring boats have. Should only have probs with class I-II water and only couple of spots.

Any advice GREATLY appreciated.



What’s your experience?
Also size and weight, but your own paddling background is key too.

size weight skill level
My skill is moderate but I will be traveling with a more experienced person. I’m in the 145lb range prob less by then…and 5/7". Like to keep price as low as possible while being wise in the choice. Do like a cockpit that allows for easy in and out.

Thanks for responding.


At 5’7" and 145 pounds, you have a little more flexibility than someone my size. You still want a boat for a small paddler though, just be aware that “small paddler” sometimes refers to guys with a couple of inches more leg length to get to the thigh braces and about 25 more pounds than you have.

In fact you are still, I think, within the range for boats like the Necky Eliza or the Wilderness Systems 135 (and others) that are labeled as touring or transition boats and are available in plastic. But check the manufacturer’s sites to check me. Don’t worry about the weight with plastic - get a cart and you don’t panic if it drops while you are trying to get it off the car.

That all said, the class 1 and 2 WW gives pause. First of all, a touring boat is really not a good plan for class 2 because it still enough water for their non-reinforced noses to get pinned by rocks. That is severely ugly and dangerous for you. The other thing is that your desire for an easy in/out cockpit suggests that you haven’t any progress towards a roll, something that the more prudent would say is a plan for class 2. Class 2 should not be underrated for risk.

I understand your desire to end up with a boat that you can use for further purposes, but I really want to recommend that you either take a ride on land around any class 2 bits or get a used beat SOT for this trip that you don’t mind being a throwaway boat at its end.

baots have you paddled that you liked or disliked?

I paddle this river all the time. Some rapids at certain levels can be exciting but nothing that a Prijon Calabria can’t handle.

It’s stable easy enough to manuver and fairly light. Although I don’t know how camping compatible it is. And it is plastic so whocares about slamming it.

Thanks for the info
There’s class 2 and there’s class 2…

Yukon-Expedition by Prijon
If you will do rivers and coast often, check out the Prijon Yukon-Expedition. It gets v. good reviews and was designed for both