Kayak Newbie

Hello everyone! I want to own a kayak but I do need some help here. I am so confused about all the options I am seeing. So I hope to find some clarification.

About me: I am a near 40 years old, 6-foot, 300 pound man (so yeah, I am top heavy) living in the East coast.

My Experience: I used a kayak once for a few hours and I loved it! It was a kayak that I sat in (legs inside).

What I want to do with it: I love fishing and Geocaching. So I need to fish and I need it to float to random places to get random and remote Geocaches, haha.

Where will I use it: Mainly in lakes and streams. The most “extreme” river near me is the Potomac and after heavy rains it can get a little rough.

My main concern is balance. I have been told two conflicting things: I have been told that set on top kayaks are best for balance but someone told me that set in kayaks are better for balance and set on top kayaks are no good on balance.

So what should I be looking at? Any suggestions?

Is there a place I can buy used kayaks?

Thanks everyone!!!

There are many sit on tops that are very stable, especially now with so many designed for fishing. Many you can stand on.
Stability is a matter of design, not the style of kayak.
Just for example, look up a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160. Stable and quick for a SOT.
You need to do a lot more reading and less listening to what someone says unless you know that they know what they’re talking about.
Here is a great place to read.
Also, find an outfitter, not a big box stores and get acquainted with the boats .
A great place to look for used is Craigslist. We are also coming to the time of year when outfitters have sales on their rental boats.
You also need to paddle some different boats.
Please do not attempt to paddle anything but flat water until you have some training and experience. Rain filled rivers are not a beginner’s place to be.