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as http://www.chronline.com/life/wallace-island-offers-quiet-kayak-camping-getaway/article_d8ca7cda-841b-11e6-a9df-cb11b0513d36.html

One of many
Now we’re talking about my domain. Wallace Island wouldn’t be my first choice for a camping destination, but then I don’t camp anyway. This article appeared in the Longview Daily News a few months ago. I have never run into the two paddlers in the article, but I probably should get together with them and suggest some other local areas of the Columbia that they might enjoy.

Lower Columbia
Wallace was unknown here.

The lower stop may be Tenasillahe opposite …Skamokawa county park. There is a platform stop on the cut below or between Tenasillahe but the area requires a machete.

Wallace may be near the top of tidal slack ? Paddlers taking advantage of this

but unlikely…

Are you knowledgeable on slack in this area ?